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SD test

SD test

On this page you can find the R-script of the Bayesian WinBUGS Savage Dickey (SD) t-test.
Here is a small tutorial on how to get everything to work. For a more technical review of the test, you can also read the article. The test is inspired by Rouder et al.'s JZS t-test.

Get the R-script here: sd_ttest.r.

Get Dr. Smith's data.

Get the file to examine Dr. Smith's data sd_work.r here.

The programs

The SD test is written in R. R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, and comes free of charge. However, to run the test, you also need WinBUGS. This program is also freely available and is used for Gibbs sampling (BUGS stands for Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling).

Use the tutorial to install the following software correctly:

[1] R download

[2] WinBUGS download

[3] WinBUGS update download

[4] WinBUGS key download, WinBUGS won't work without it.